RetroTech Squad unites enthusiasts of the retro computing movement. Our devices are featured at festivals and exhibitions, conventions and conferences; our hardware is interactive, is in perfect working order and open for everybody to enjoy and explore.

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The team

We are retro computer enthusiasts, participants of multiple exhibitions and festivals. Our devices are open for exploration, they aren't separated from guests by glass, and are in perfect working order for everybody to enjoy. In 2016 we formed a union to participate in future events as RetroTech Squad.
The whole collection of RTS is huge, we have computers of all many different platforms including Amiga, Atari, Apple, ZX Spectrum, Electronica BK, IBM; we have a multitude of consoles from the first devices of the late 70s to almost modern ones.
Traditionally we do not charge anybody for exploring our exhibition besides the price of the initial ticket to the event. We do not time our guests. Subscribe to our news and stay tuned for the updates on the blog and on the social networks, we'll definitely notify everybody on future events with us participating!


Friends and partners

Chaos Constructions

Computer art festival

NextCastle Party

Indie and retro gaming festival

Caledonian Forest

St.Petersburg recreational space


Metal VGM Covers


Java conference

Apple museum

Moscow Apple museum


Tallinn computer museum


Really closed IT-bar

Events calendar

The calendar contains information about our upcoming exhibitions and short reports with a selection of photos about past events.

Always connected!

We are open to all kinds of open cooperations, partnerships and friendships, we are open to online and offline communications, and to all kinds of proposals regardless our participation in events.
Write us, join our groups, and don't hide your treasures in a dusty chest! We hope to see you on a next RTS event!